About the company

Ratan, a brand associated with paper folding technology since its inception in 1987, was a vision jointly viewed by shri Amratbhai Panchal and his sons Mr Hitenbhai Panchal and Mr Manishbhai Panchal in an attempt to cater the ever growing Indian printing industry. Ratan was the result of technical expertise gained by Shri Amratbhai Panchal which he had gained over the years, and his intention to make a machine that would match international standards, yet easy to operate at low cost.

This vision led Ratan to cross the 7000 successful installations across the globe in the year 2014 and these numbers have aided Ratan to maintain an edge in the folding technology. The precision and emotional touch is given to every machine that goes out of its workshop to maximise value to its customers. Constant R&D and evolution is put into each product of Ratan to make it extremely precise and economical.

Simplicity is at the core of Ratan's operation and this is witnessed in the nature of its all products. At Ratan, people are highly motivated to perform efficiently and with ever increasing innovativeness. In a way, each person associated with Ratan is an entrepreneur.

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